About Me

photoI’m a 23 year-old born and raised on Long Island but now living on the Upper East Side of New York. I work full-time as a Community Manager at VaynerMedia. Outside of work, I’m the co-chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Georgetown Club of Metropolitan New York (that’s a mouthful!).

I care about loving what I do for a living, learning about myself and the world, and helping others move closer towards their goals. My hobbies and interests include the following:

    • Reading (business books, sports publications, entrepreneurship magazines, marketing/tech news articles, etc.)
    • Working out (twice per week at New York Sports Club)
    • Exploring NYC (Central Park, museums, coffee shops, neighborhoods, etc.)
    • Eating good meals (Burgers, sushi, steak, etc.)
    • Enjoying great company (family, girlfriend and friends)

You can find more details about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile . If you want to request me on LinkedIn and I don’t know you, please inform me that you’re a reader so I don’t think it’s totally random.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at lifeofriley29@gmail.com or tweet @LifeofRiley29.


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